I was lucky enough to develop this project with Fabienne and Anthony Collé, the owners of this magnificent 19th century house. The existing hundred-year-old cedar is now surrounded by large flower beds and relaxation areas where one can enjoy the sun all day long. The plantings, that are the heart of the project, evolve with the seasons, bringing their share of surprises, and starting in January with the first snowdrops!


Preliminary project and survey: Emmanuelle Bonnemaison
Landscapers: Nova Concept SA
Photos: Zoé Jobin




Lausanne, Vaud

"We had the chance to meet Emma through our landscaper. Following an initial contact and presentation of our project, we gave her the mandate of landscape architect. Emma put a lot of effort into the development of our project. First, we sent her several illustrations reflecting the style of garden we wanted, the colours, flowers and trees we liked. Emma then drew up detailed sketches and plans for each area of the garden, detailing each species of plant, flower, tree and quantifying what was to be planted, etc. Emma was able to guide us perfectly and integrate all our wishes. She was also able to integrate the constraints linked to the fact that the park is protected by historical monuments. We really appreciated her attentiveness, her botanical knowledge, her passion for her work and the way she drew up her work sheets. Thanks to her very professional guidance, our garden is beautiful and our house has been enhanced. This is really a great added value. We can only recommend Emma's advice and will be happy to answer any questions you may have or if you would like to see the result in our home!" Fabienne and Anthony Collé