We were lucky enough to meet a garden enthusiast for this planting project. The grassy area is transformed into a perennial bed where the plants “live and move”. They can reseed themselves, evolve and travel under our watchful eye. The selected palette highlights slender and graceful forms, which move in the wind and catch the light of the setting sun. In winter, certain foliage such as the Heuchères or the Romarins remind us that the garden is really there, just asleep for a few months…


Landscaper: made by la Feuille Verte à Perroy
Photos: Emma Voit and Valentine Lambert


Completed in 2021


Canton de Vaud, Suisse

At Emma's you will find: an ear for the client's wishes, the willingness to study different ways of fulfilling these wishes, the experience necessary to establish a happy concordance between the spirit of the place and the plants that will inhabit it, and the will to accompany the project over time. I would like to thank her for this. Client F.